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What do I actually need on my baby registry?

Jan 26, 2023

It’s not always obvious to parents what items they actually need on their baby registry. This is especially the case for first time parents. To help you figure out which items should be on your registry, we’ve made a list of the items most commonly found on baby registries.

Before we jump into the list of items you need on your baby registry, here are two helpful tips:

  1. Making a registry is more manageable if you break it out into the following six categories: Feeding, Bedroom, Bathroom, Going out, Clothing and Play.

  2. It can be helpful to keep two lists; one with all the items you know you 'definitely' need and another with items you 'might' need. That way you can prioritise getting all the items on the ‘definitely need’ list, while not losing track of the items on your 'might need' list.

Online registry providers like Moonsift allow you to create as many registry lists as you like, so keeping multiple lists is easy.

Sample baby registry

Items on a baby registry

To help figure out what you actually need, below is a list of items that most parents consider ‘must-haves’ for a registry and, more importantly, for caring for your baby in its first year. You can also browse real product example here: Browse US examples or Browse UK examples

  1. Feeding:

    • Bottles with newborn teats

    • Bottle brush

    • High chair

    • Bibs

    • Muslins squares / burp cloths

    • Bottle steriliser (alternative is to sterilise in a pot of boiling water)

  2. Bedroom:

    • Crib / cot

    • Bassinet

    • Swaddle / muslin blanket

    • Baby sleeping bag

    • Waterproof mattress protectors

    • Fitted sheets for baby mattress

    • Baby monitor

    • Changing mat

    • Changing table (not essential, but very very helpful)

    • Sound machine (not essential)

    • Pacifier / dummies (not essential)

  3. Bathroom:

    • Baby bathtub

    • Hooded bath towel

    • Bath & room thermometer

    • Thermometer (for body temperature)

  4. Going out:

    • Car seat

    • Stroller / pram / push chair

    • Baby carrier

    • Travel changing mat (nappies need still changing when you’re out)

    • Travel cot / crib (not essential)

  5. Clothing:

    • Sleepsuits / onesies / pajamas

    • Bodysuits / vests

    • Tops

    • Bottoms / pants

    • Cold weather hat

    • Sun hat

    • Socks

  6. Play (not essential, but recommended)

    • Activity gym / play mat

    • Sensory toys

    • Sheepskin / heavy blankets / quilts to lay on the floor

    • Sophie the Giraffe

Other important non-registry items

Below is a list of other important items that you may not want to receive as gifts, but should consider buying yourself if they are not on your shared baby registry:

  • Breast pump (if planning to breast feed),

  • Nipple guards / shields,

  • Nipple cream,

  • Nursing bras,

  • Breast pads,

  • Maternity pads,

  • Nappies / diapers,

  • Wipes,

  • Diaper / nappy bags,

  • Diaper / nappy cream.

Example registry on Moonsift

To bring the recommended list items to life, we’ve created a registry that gives examples of all the products listed above from a variety of brands. These are real examples of common items we see on registries in the UK and America.

Baby registry 2023 - U.S. examples

Baby registry 2023 ideas - UK examples

Because the above registries are public, you will not be able to mark off items as bought. When you create your own registry on Moonsift, the people you share it with will be directed to mark off what they buy.

While these examples are of products in the USA and the UK, you can add products from any store in the world to your Moonsift registry. So no matter where you are and which products you wish to add, you can do so on Moonsift.

How does a baby registry work on Moonsift?

In brief, creating a baby registry on Moonsift works as follows:

  1. Add products from any store in the world to your registry

  2. Share the registry anywhere with a link

  3. Guests mark off the item(s) they buy

  4. You can track what has and hasn’t been bought

Moonsift is a completely free and independent platform for creating online baby registries. Being independent, it allows you to add items from any store in the world, meaning you are not limited in your selection.

Moonsift is well known for developing new technology that allows you to add items to your registry directly from any online store. This means you can easily save products from any website as you’re browsing online.

The platform is also renowned for its clean design and layout, having been designed alongside professional stylists and designers. Intuitive design also makes it easy for visitors to browse all the items and select what they are going to buy. Moonsift registries can be shared anywhere with a single link and browsed on any device.

The platform also takes care of ensuring you don’t end up with multiple versions of the same product. Guests to the registry will be directed to mark what they buy so that these items are hidden from others. They will be able to have the items delivered to themselves so they can gift them to you in person, or have them sent to an address you provide.